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The fastest and easiest way to order prints from us is to use our new online print order service. Ordering prints online s a simple process that includes file upload and online payment in one easy process.order online

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If you are sending in film or you have very large digital files on a disk, you may prefer to use our postal ordering process:

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Small Print

  1. All prints will be gloss and borderless unless you state otherwise.
  2. Borders can be produced on prints up to and including 30 x 20 size. All Ciba (transparency) borders are black. Borders are available in ΒΌ inch increments up to 2 inches. The borders will be within the total print size unless otherwise specified.
  3. If prints are required to match samples, please supply the sample prints. We don’t guarantee to reprint if sample prints are supplied at a later date.
  4. Viewing transparencies by projection or fluorescent / tungsten light sources can give a mis-leading impression of colour balance, density and tonal range requiring careful interpretation. At BPD Photech all transparencies are viewed and assessed on industry standard daylight balanced 5000K light boxes as recommended by film manufacturers.
  5. Sandwich transparencies are welcome but will be printed as supplied, so it is important that they must be clean and free from dust between layers.
  6. “Full Frame” implies no loss of image area compared with the slide / negative. Only full frame sizes compatible with 35mm slides / negatives are shown with an asterisk (*) on our price lists. Any size print can be ordered but if it is a non full-frame size, there will be a loss of image area i.e. It will be cropped.
  7. For selective enlargements, please supply accurate cropping instructions. A rough drawing, marking the slide mount or a drawn overlay are all acceptable.
  8. Please remove transparencies from glass mounts before posting.
  9. All work will be returned by first class post only unless otherwise stated on your order form.
  10. Payment: by cheque, Visa, MasterCard or Switch with your order please.
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