Your old images can be transferred into modern digital files with our professional scanning service. We create high-quality scans on our Imacon virtual drum scanners from most formats of transparency and negative, including 35mm, 120mm, 5×4, and panoramics up to 6×17. Scanned images are saved to RGB Tiff format digital files.

Professional Scanning service – Print sizes.

30MB for print sizes upto 16″x12″
60MB for print sizes upto 20″x16″
100MB for print sizes upto 30″x20″


size(inches) upto 30 mb 31-60 mb 61-100 mb
35 mm £4.10 £5.10 £8.20
120 format £5.10 £6.65 £10.25
5 x 4” / Xpan £6.15 £8.20 £12.30


All scans are saved as 8-bit RGB TIFF files

All prices above are per frame + £1.00 for CD

We also offer our scan and print service – a top quality reproduction scan will be taken from your transparency. The image will then be optimised and printed onto Fujiflex, a superb high gloss photographic material with the same polyester base as cibachrome. We offer prints using our new ZBE Chromira printer. This is a state of the art photographic printing machine using patented L.E.D. technology to expose the image onto photographic material. The results are stunning.

For more information regarding our professional scanning service please see here.

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