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Lustre C-type Photo Prints

Our lustre professional online photo prints are produced on our ZBE Chromira LED printer. This is a c-type process using Silver Halide light sensite photographic paper exposed on the Chromira then processeed using Kodak professional chemistry.

Like all of our photo prints, the lustre prints are produced to the highest gallery and competition standards. They are very competitively priced in the pro-lab market place. They are not mini-lab or inkjet prints. In addition to the standard sizes offered we can produce any bespoke size.

All files are opened and checked in detail by our lab manager, or a trained technician. Where required optimisation is carried out to ensure your finished product exceeds your expectations.  Please ensure files are uploaded and prepared in sRGB colour space.

Our Kodak Endura Lustre is a resin coated paper and gives extraordinarily rich colours with great flesh tones, as well as the most intense blacks. Kodak Endura sets the gold standard for print quality boasting an increased colour gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors.

We can also offer a full mounting and framing services for your photo prints.

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