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Photo printing on canvas

700x600 - canvasTwo.jpgPhoto printing on canvas creates the ideal gift or present to one self! A memorable holiday, a new addition to the family or a celebration you want to preserve for years to come perhaps.

BPD Photech offer a professional canvas printing service throughout the UK. Using the latest Epson 8 colour ultra chrome inks we print onto high-grade canvas. The image is then heat sealed (for UV and moisture protection) and stretched over a redwood 2 inch deep bevelled frame which is tailored to your chosen dimensions.

When considering an image for photo printing on canvas you will need to choose a photograph which will lend itself to the process. For example part of the image can be wrapped around the edge. If you choose this style you will need to ensure the focus of the image is central or at least allow for a border of neutral subject matter around the edge.

Don’t worry we offer a personal service which allows photographers to liaise directly with our technicians so if you are in any doubt about the suitability of your image for printing on canvas we are here to discuss and advise.
We are proud of the exceptional quality of all our prints and are the choice of professional photographers who want to see their work in the best possible light.

Are there different styles of canvas?

The answer is yes! All our canvases are handmade so we can finish the artwork in a way to suit your taste or the photograph in question. We can wrap the image around the frame as mentioned previously (shown below left) or leave a clean white border around the image (below right). We feel wrapping works well with landscape images where as white sides works better with portraits. Plain sides can be white, black, grey, or any colour sampled from the image. We can advise you if you are not sure what will work best for your image.

We offer a range of professional photo printing services including digital photo printing, scan and print from film, film processing and printing, canvas printing, acrylic printing, block mounted prints and contemporary and traditional frames. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.