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Professional scanning services

We offer a choice of professional scanning services. Your old images can be trasnferred in to modern high quality digital files from most formats of transparanency and negative including 35mm, 120mm, 5x4 and panoramics upto 6x17. Scanned images are saved to RGB Tiff format digital files. This high resolution digital file can be manipulated, colour corrected, cleaned and in some instances if required repaired digitally. These scanned files can also be re-saved to a number of other formats such as Jpeg if required.

Our quality scan pricing includes for a digital clean up before the image is reproduced or provided back to you in digital format. As we strive to provide a high quality professional negative scanning service we are unable to scan without cleaning images up for you.  

Our pricing below is for small quantity work.  If you have a high number of scans please contact us directly.

From your newly scanned digital file we are able to reproduce this onto a number of print formats from a simpe lustre photo print to a canvas or acrylic wall art for example. Please see corresponding print pages or wall art pages. Photo restoration - our highly trained technicians are able to restore old photographs. Please contact us directly with your requirements and a visual of the image to be restored. Prices are based on the detail and level of restoration required and typically range from £25 upwards.

For more assistance with negative scanning or transparancy scanning please get in touch.  Our general turnaround time is 1-2 weeks, although if you need something quickly - please ask.

Giclee Prints and Original artwork copy.

High Resolution capture of clients original artworks (flat artwork). A fee of £30.00 is charged to capture and colour balance the image when purchased in conjunction with any of our prints or wall art.  We will provide a colour balanced full resolution file, alongside a small giclee fine art print proof. 

A charge of £55.00 applies to digitisation only this includes a colour balanced high resolution image file plus a small giclee fine art print proof.  Please note we will only copy artwork which you have personally painted.

Our general turnaround time for these scanning services are one to two weeks.

For larger quantities of scanning please contact us directly to discuss your requirements and pricing:


Professional Scanning Service – Print sizes.

File Sizes Print Sizes
30MB for print sizes upto 16"x12"
60MB for print sizes upto 20"x16"
100MB for print sizes upto 30"x20"
All scans are saved as 8-bit RGB TIFF files

High Quality Digital Scanning & Print Service

Size (inches) Standard Gloss or Lustre (7 day)

High Gloss Fujiflex 
(14 day approx) 

6 x 4 £5.00 £11.50
7 x 5 £5.00 £12.50
8 x 6 £5.90 £13.50
10 x 8 £7.30 £12.00
12 x 8 £9.00 £14.00
12 x 10 £11.00 £16.00
15 x 10 £12.50 £22.00
16 x 12 £13.50 £24.00
18 x 12 £15.50 £26.00
20 x 16 £21.50 £36.00
24 x 20 £25.50 £44.00
30 x 20 £30.50 £55.50
From negatives, transparencies, 35mm, 120, 5×4, panaromic and existing prints up to A4. All prices above are per frame and will be emailed to you.

High Quality Scan-Only Service

Size (inches) Upto 30 MB 31 - 60 MB 61 - 100 MB
35mm £4.10 £5.10 £8.20
120 Format £5.10 £6.65 £10.25
5 x 4 / Xpan £6.15 £8.20 £12.30
All scans are saved as 8-bit RGB TIFF files. All prices above are per frame and will be emailed to you.  Volume discounts apply.