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Birch Orbs

Birch Orbs

Our cicular birch orbs provide a rustic look to any image. They are increasingly popular in the baby and toddler photography market. A true photographic c-type lustre print is produced once your image has been carefully checked and optimised. The print has a satin heat seal applied which offers a protective UV coating. This is mounted flush to the birch block. Keyhole hangers to the back of the block provide a flush to the wall solution for your client. Please note approimately 3mm of your image is lost all around during the mounting process.

A number of standard sizes are listed with a lab time of up to 10 days. We are able to offer bespoke sizing if you require. This may increase costs and lab production time, please get in touch directly.

Circular products are fantastic for the right image. Please ensure the suitability of image ahead of ordering a circular product. If you are in any doubt we would be happy to assist simply send us your image over and give us a call. Trade Studio samples are offered with a 30% discount. These are limited in number, have a turnaround time which may exceed the usual turnaround and are not produced from 1dy  November to 31st December each year.

For sizes not listed below please contact us to discuss: