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Deep Framed Canvas

Deep Framed Canvas

Professional Giclee Canvas wraps are produced using the latest archival Epson inks and technologies and are printed on high grade 410gsm canvas. Our craftsmen individually hand make canvas frames over which the canvas is stretched. As our frames are handmade in Cheshire we can offer any bespoke size, just get in touch. Canvas are coated with your choice of Satin or Matt protection. This eliminates any cracking, provides moisture and splash resistance, is wipeabe and provides longevity as the UV protection prevents fading.

The finished canvas wrap is then installed into your choice of 'L shaped' frame leaving a small gap to create the float effect. (Sometimes call a tray frame)

There is a choice of size and colour frames.

You should edit and upload your images in sRGB colour space.

Our online canvas printing service is available for images in most formats. Since canvas is a textured material, it’s relatively forgiving in source photo quality – we can usually achieve great results from most image formats, be that digital files, existing prints up to A4 size, slides and transparencies and film negatives. We can advise on the maximum canvas size we would recommend once we have seen your image(s).

Our deep framed canvas wraps are sometimes call tray framed canvas.

Trade Studio samples are offered with a 30% discount. These are limited in number, have a turnaround time which may exceed the usual turnaround and are not produced from 1st November to 31st December each year.

Lab Production time:- up to ten working days.

For sizes not listed below please contact us to discuss: