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24"x24" 2 Square 3 Rectangular Image Premium Frame

£120 (£100 ex. VAT) Lustre Paper, Standard Glass

£140 (£116.66 ex. VAT) Fine Art Paper, Standard Glass

£165 (£137.50 ex. VAT) Lustre Paper, Art Glass AR70

£185 (£154.16 ex. VAT) Fine Art Paper, Art Glass AR70

3 square 2 rectangular image premium frame:-

  • Great way to display stunning photographic images professionally.
  • Great choice of frame mouldings
  • Art glass options for clarity and upsell
  • Choice of mount colour, double mounted as standard
  • Lustre or Hahnemule German Etch fine art paper types
  • Lab time, 10 working days

After you have uploaded and saved your image, you will need to select Frame Moulding, Print Type, Top Mount, Bottom Mount and Glass Type on the ‘Your basket’ page.

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